The garden had been ignored for nearly a decade and had considerable weed and unwanted vegetation growth. So the plant-life was stripped out and the soil turned. As building work was ongoing in the house and there was no access to the garden other than through the house, the waste was being dumped in the garden and a solution was needed. We worked with the client on various designs, using CAD where we could to aid visualisation.

Instead of take all the waste back through the house, the decision was made to stock-pile the building waste and hardcore at the end of the garden and use it to create an upper tier.
We began by building a small wall between the original garden area and the new tier. Both the lower and upper tiers were leveled and compacted ready for the next stages.
We laid a weed barrier membrane over the entire 70m2 garden and built the raised beds from pressure treated sleepers. The slabs were laid on a 4″ base and the extra slabs used to create stepping stones.
Finally we added bark chippings to the four beds and 3 tonnes of 20mm pea gravel covered the remaining areas. Where possible it is always better to have a thick layer of gravel, in our case 4″.
A total of 7 tonnes of new material was introduced into the garden, all of which came through the house!

We are very proud of the end result and the transformation has made a huge difference to the appeal of the property.