Our client informed us some problems they were experiencing with some recently installed plumbing. Unfortunately the original fitters could no longer be contacted to rectify their work so we investigated the system.
We found that not only did the soil pipe fail to flow downhill at the correct fall rate, but there was no access to clear the pipe if a block did occur.
We ended up working from the point at which the soil pipe exited the property and re-engineered the system all the way to the inspection point in the driveway. In doing so we were able to build-in the correct angle creating a nice downhill flow and fitted access points at either end of the main run to allow any blockages to be cleared, if they so occurred in time.
Some new components were needed but we tried to re-use the parts there where possible to keep the costs down for the client. When we were finished you would never have known we were there, but they can sleep in peace knowing their pipes are clear and flowing freely.