A local children’s play centre commisioned us to create a driveable pirate ship using only an old broken mobility scooter!
Of course we jumped at the chance and got stuck in to the project!
We overhauled the chassis and electronic systems bringing them back to life with the help of a new pair of huge 75AH deep cycle batteries. This should provide 10+ hours of use between charges not to mention powering the cool PA system!
The seat was re-attached, lower and further forward and steering column stripped down, shortened, made more vertical and fitted with a ships wheel. The controls were removed from the handlebar and mounted lower down, with the old hand throttle adapted to work by foot as a pedal or via the bike-sourced brake lever.
The frame or skeleton of the ship is all timber which is heavily braced to the steel chassis giving strength with a little flex. This was then clad in hardboard and detailed with beading and mouldings. Behind the seat the lid hinges up to reveal a large storage container and the charger. The collapsible mast fits in here too and when erected will eventually support the advertising sail.

The end result looks superb and functions really well. This was one project we were definitely sorry to see go!
Contact Keith at www.piratesplay.co.uk or 0115 603 363.