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  • bespoke bench 1
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  • bespoke bench 4

Bespoke bench

We were asked to design, supply, build and install a bespoke bench seat for a clients dining area. The seat would need to be installed over the existing radiator and be primarily used for their [...]

  • catflap 1
  • catflap 2
  • catflap 3
  • catflap 4

Cat flap

Our client had recently acquired a new feline friend who had settled in but had no access to the garden. The only door to the garden was a sliding UPVC unit so without replacing the [...]

  • LED security light

Security light

Our client called us explaining that their LED security light had stopped working. We inspected the unit and found that the built-in PIR sensor had failed causing the light to stop working at all times. [...]

  • kitchen refit 1
  • kitchen refit 2
  • kitchen refit 3
  • kitchen refit 4
  • kitchen refit 5

Kitchen renovation

The owner of this property has decided to put it up for sale and it needed quite a lot to bring it up to a saleable standard. Most notably the kitchen was tired and out-of-date [...]

  • garden clear 1
  • garden-tidy-4
  • garden clear 3
  • garden clear 4

Garden Clear-up

Our clients garden had been left unattended too for some time. The beds had overgrown, the lawn was 18in tall and weeds had completely covered the large gravel-covered areas. We worked hard to bring the [...]

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  • loft ladder hatch
  • 20160914_150806
  • old loft hatch

Loft Ladder

Our client had an old, small hatch in to their loft area which was difficult to access and restricted what items could be stored in the loft space. The loft had been insulated and lined [...]

  • roof felt 1
  • roof felt 2
  • roof felt 3

Roof felting

The roof of this summer house was leaking badly due to large areas of missing roof felt and roof timbers out of place. We repaired the roof timbers first and strengthened the frame where necessary, [...]

  • kitchen tiling 1
  • kitchen tiling 2
  • kitchen tiling 3

Kitchen floor tiling

This student property was undergoing renovation and the kitchen was completely re-fitted. The no-expense-spared Magnet kitchen deserved a quality floor, so we laid 450mm square, 8mm thick ceramic tiles. The poured concrete floor was quite [...]

  • bathroom vinyl 1
  • bathroom vinyl 2
  • bathroom vinyl 3
  • bathroom vinyl 4

Vinyl bathroom flooring

This student property had new bathroom suites installed and were freshly decorated, the finished touch was a new floor covering. We were contracted to install this quality wood-effect vinyl covering. As the white goods had [...]

  • kitchen-splashback
  • kitchen splashback 2
  • kitchen splashback 3
  • kitchen splashback 4

Kitchen splash-back tiling

This newly fitted Magnet kitchen was never going to look it's best until we tiled skillfully tiled the splashback area. Using gloss white 'brick' tiles we carefully filled in these areas, cutting around the cupboards [...]

  • Gloworm festival sign
  • Gloworm Festival sign build
  • Gloworm Festival sign

Festival Letters

We were commissioned by the organisers of the Gloworm Festival, held at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. Our role was to design, construct and erect a large GLOWORM sign just like the famous Hollywood sign and [...]

  • 20160729_194832
  • 20160729_173227

Passage Door

This terraced property had a gated passage which had taken a lot of abuse over the years. The passage floor was due to be replaced so we lifted the original step and bricks and removed [...]

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  • 20160726_163611
  • 20160725_103811
  • 20160728_160808
  • michelle garden 2


The garden had been ignored for nearly a decade and had considerable weed and unwanted vegetation growth. So the plant-life was stripped out and the soil turned. As building work was ongoing in the house [...]

  • 20160726_190552
  • 20160726_190607
  • 20160715_173649
  • 20160715_134251


The door and framework was in very good condition with being set back inside the porch. The ageing paintwork had taken any abuse from the weather and was cracking, peeling and had become discoloured. We [...]

  • 20160715_091733
  • 20160715_091742
  • 20160715_102944
  • 20160715_091727
  • 20160714_090559


Our client asked us to replace the aging fence panels with new like-for-like. The existing wooden posts were reinforced and the new panels fitted. We also added wooden post caps and finally gave everything a [...]

  • pirateship1
  • pirateship2
  • pirateship3
  • pirateship4
  • pirateship5

Is it a bird…is it a plane…no it’s a pirate ship!

A local children's play centre commisioned us to create a driveable pirate ship using only an old broken mobility scooter! Of course we jumped at the chance and got stuck in to the project! We [...]

  • deckingsolihull
  • decking 2
  • deckingsolihull3
  • deckingsolihull7
  • deckingsolihull5


The client commissioned us to design and construct a large decked area in their back garden. There had always been a large slabbed area which was not attractive but did serve them well. So the [...]

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  • 20160602_191100
  • 20160602_191017
  • 20160524_123110

Pergola…or Acropolis?

We are currently working on this project...a huge 5m x 4m pergola which will feature a dwarf wall made from reclaimed bricks, raised patio area slabbed in limestone and landscaped surrounding area. The pergola will [...]

  • 20160527_124127
  • 20160527_100917
  • 20160527_091733

Plaster repair

Due to damp ingress the plaster had deteriorated and come away from the brickwork. After ensuring the damp issues were resolved and the area completely dry, we prepared and fitted plasterboard, before skimming the area [...]

  • 20160531_095420
  • 20160531_095626

Kitchen LEDs

We fitted a simple LED system above, inside and below this corner unit. The end result was exactly what the client requested...a subtle illumination to remove the shadows in the corner of their kitchen. The [...]

  • livingroomlight
  • bathroomlight
  • light2
  • mainlights
  • oldpendant

New lights

The original lights in this property were old and dated and the pendants on the first floor dirty and potentially unsafe. The client supplied new light units and we fitted them throughout including, on our [...]

  • 20160512_160337
  • 20160512_163320
  • 20160512_160412
  • 20160512_160418
  • 20160512_160402

Enter the boudoir!

We ripped out the old, dated and tired wardrobes which had seen better times! In their place we built brand new units from IKEA with internal rails, drawers, baskets and external LED lighting. Finally we [...]

  • 20160510_185308
  • 20160510_185257
  • 20160510_185233
  • 20160510_185253
  • 20160503_083701

En-suite refurb

This clients en-suite was very dated and tired so we stripped everything out, back to the framework. We moved the toilet, shower and radiator to suit a new more efficient layout and fitted a brand [...]

  • 20160502_165841
  • 20160502_165850
  • 20160501_103544
  • 20160502_083302

Dog friendly decking!

Our clients asked us to design and build a large decked area as their pooch didn't like the graveled garden. We worked through a series of designs with them before settling on the final version. [...]

  • 20160415_182552
  • 20160415_133809
  • 20160413_090717
  • 20160413_090708


A tired old greenhouse had potential but needed some serious love. We replaced all 107 panes including custom cutting the gable ends and door. Stripped all the moss and growth from the frame and laid [...]

  • 20160411_123146
  • 20160411_091649
  • 20160411_123139
  • 20160411_091646
  • 20160411_123134

Jet-washed garden slabs

We spent a few hours of hard work bringing this garden back to life. Who knew those slabs were so nice underneath all that dirt!

  • 20160227_140748
  • 20160226_115727
  • 20160227_153759
  • 20160227_153804

Jet-washed drive

Our client had spent a few years working out of the country and on their return found their property needed a bit of TLC! We jet-washed all their exterior slabbed areas and driveway. The end [...]

  • 20160406_090932
  • downpipe
  • mainrun
  • drainpipe
  • roddingpoint

It has to go downhill!

Our client informed us some problems they were experiencing with some recently installed plumbing. Unfortunately the original fitters could no longer be contacted to rectify their work so we investigated the system. We found that [...]

  • 20160311_165724
  • 20160311_090859
  • 20160311_155130
  • 20160311_165709

Disabled access ramp

A gentleman and his family contacted us to design and install a ramp suitable for his mobility scooter. The existing wooden ramp was too steep and very tired so we worked together to install a [...]

  • 20160209_135325
  • 20160209_114151
  • 20160209_135335
  • 20160209_135347

Flat pack wardrobe

After purchasing an IKEA PAX double wardrobe system with sliding doors, our clients realised they didn't have the instructions! So we were called in and used our experience to put it all together, in record [...]

  • 20160122_112753
  • 20160121_185303

Custom storage unit on wheels

A children’s play centre needed a storage / display solution to house the products for a new party package. We worked through a design together and using CAD we were able to accurately simulate the [...]

  • 20160114_215320
  • 12399396_677173135341_254379508_n

Every girls dream!

We were hired to build an IKEA flat-pack desk unit which features a smooth sliding drawer and glass top. In addition we fitted the mirror to the wall and installed the three LED vanity light [...]

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70″ LCD TV

This monster 70″ HD TV was fitted to the wall using a heavy duty bracket. We also installed a floating glass shelf and subtle cable covers to give the clean look you see…no one likes [...]

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  • slate tiles 2

Slate tiled floor

A new extension was built to house this clients farm-house style kitchen. Before this could go in the old floor needed covering and our client had chose natural slate tiles. We carefully designed the layout [...]

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  • Back Camera
  • Back Camera

Cast Iron Fireplace

Our client was undertaking extensive renovations on their property and asked us to be involved throughout. One job of particular interest was the removal of the concrete fire place in their dining room. This revealed [...]

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Custom Van Project

Our client requested we fit new alloy wheels to their custom van. We had previously advised on the required specifications for the wheels as they need to rated capable of carrying the loads found in [...]

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