The client commissioned us to design and construct a large decked area in their back garden. There had always been a large slabbed area which was not attractive but did serve them well. So the decision was made to build a raised deck on top of the slabs with an almost seamless transition through their french doors. We used CAD to accurately design the frame and boarding so as to minimise wasted time on the day, produce an accurate costing and be sure we had the right amount of stuff.
We constructed the large frame from 6×2 and supported this with multiple load bearing legs. We also built-in frames to provide steps down at the side to the gate and the end to the bottom half of the garden.
To further enhance the look we surround the decking boards with a border, made all the more difficult as no two sides ran parallel anywhere!
The finishing touch was a set of LED recessed lights which I hope you’ll agree look absolutely amazing.
Let’s just hope for some sunny weekends!