Our client had recently acquired a new feline friend who had settled in but had no access to the garden. The only door to the garden was a sliding UPVC unit so without replacing the whole double glazed panel we could not fit a cat flap here. Instead there was luckily enough space the brickwork to the side.
As we were only removing a small amount we would not affect the structural effectiveness of the wall but this was the ideal area to fit the cat flap.
First we cut the brickwork on the outside and the plaster on the inside to ensure we got a neat finish. We then set about knocking out the bricks making sure we kept the hole as neat as possible. The cavity was insulated so this was sealed on all four sides within the hole we had created, and the cat flap mounted in to position. A simple yet very convenient modification which will make life so much easier for both the lady and her mog!