Garden Clear-up

Our clients garden had been left unattended too for some time. The beds had overgrown, the lawn was 18in tall and weeds had completely covered the large gravel-covered areas. We worked hard to bring the garden back; stripping out the weeds and mowing the lawn. We now have to tackle the fencing and remove the [...]

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Loft Ladder

Our client had an old, small hatch in to their loft area which was difficult to access and restricted what items could be stored in the loft space. The loft had been insulated and lined with boards so was a potentially valuable space. We removed the old hatch and the frame and cut the ceiling [...]

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Roof felting

The roof of this summer house was leaking badly due to large areas of missing roof felt and roof timbers out of place. We repaired the roof timbers first and strengthened the frame where necessary, then applied a complete new covering of quality black felt. The finished result not only looks smart but will last [...]

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