Passage Door

This terraced property had a gated passage which had taken a lot of abuse over the years. The passage floor was due to be replaced so we lifted the original step and bricks and removed the old rotten door. The door frame was in much better condition and we were able to save this and [...]

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The garden had been ignored for nearly a decade and had considerable weed and unwanted vegetation growth. So the plant-life was stripped out and the soil turned. As building work was ongoing in the house and there was no access to the garden other than through the house, the waste was being dumped in the [...]

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The door and framework was in very good condition with being set back inside the porch. The ageing paintwork had taken any abuse from the weather and was cracking, peeling and had become discoloured. We carefully stripped all the old paint and sanded the timbers to a super smooth finish. We masked off all the [...]

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Our client asked us to replace the aging fence panels with new like-for-like. The existing wooden posts were reinforced and the new panels fitted. We also added wooden post caps and finally gave everything a good coat of Cuprinol rich oak preservative. It is sometimes the simplest things which can transform a garden or space, [...]

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Is it a bird…is it a plane…no it’s a pirate ship!

A local children's play centre commisioned us to create a driveable pirate ship using only an old broken mobility scooter! Of course we jumped at the chance and got stuck in to the project! We overhauled the chassis and electronic systems bringing them back to life with the help of a new pair of huge [...]

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